Lacy's Express, Inc.
Lacy's Express, Inc.
Lacy's Express, Inc.

Safety. Security.

For over 40 Years Lacy's Express, Inc. has focused on Safety and Customer Satisfaction. Using our fleet of Specialized Equipment we provide transportation for:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Intermodal Tanks
  • General Commodities

Ferrell’s Trucking was established in 1962 by William and Eileen Ferrell as a home heating oil business. In the summer months when the business was slow, William and Eileen established Ferrell's Trucking, hauling produce and glass bottles. In 1968 Lacy's Express, lnc, a local business owned by Lacy DePrinzio, became for sale. Lacy's was an established LTL trucking company in the Philadelphia area. William and Eileen purchased the company for the operating authority and continued the produce, glass, and LTL work.

Lacy's began working in the tank business in 1969 for local companies in the area but still continued with the freight business. William and Eileen decided to shelf  the Ferrell's Trucking in 1974 and began operating only as Lacy’s Epress.  They closed the LTL business and applied for ICC authority in the US for common contract for liquid bulk. By 1979 they were well established with liquid bulk and Lacy's starting hauling hazardous and non hazardous waste.

Diversity has been the key to the family success through the years in the transportation industry. Lacy's still today remains a family owned operated business, a competitive carrier for not only hazardous and industrial waste, but also drayage and liquid bulk some very prominent companies.

Drivers Wanted

Lacy's Express is always looking for experienced drivers. If you would like to apply for a job, please click here to apply.


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